A fixed-term single permit

Are you an employer wishing to post a non-European employee to Belgium for more than 90 days? In that case you need to apply for a single permit that will be processed by the competent region. Once your application has been accepted, your employee will receive a single permit permitting him or her to reside in Belgium for work for more than 90 days.

The single permit is a residence permit granted in connection to employment. With a single permit, non-European citizens are allowed to reside in Belgium for work for a period of more than 90 days.

Still, the usual obligations for the employer remain valid. This means you still need to submit a Dimona (in French) declaration for employees who are subject to the Belgian social security system, as well as a Limosa declaration for posted workers.

Are you a Belgian employer wishing to employ a non-European employee? Or are you a foreign employer wishing to employ one of your non-European employees in Belgium?

In both cases you need to apply for a single permit in order to employ a non-European national in Belgium for a period longer than 90 days. This concerns workers having a nationality from outside the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland. Next to the EU Member states the EEA includes Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.

Regulations for the employment of foreign employees (work permit B or exemption) remain valid for following workers:

  • Workers coming to work in Belgium for a period below 90 days,
  • Au pairs,
  • Researchers having a hosting agreement,
  • Those needing a permission to work in Belgium, without the need for a residency permit. For example, frontier workers and people residing in hotels,
  • Workers subject to transfer within an undertaking (Directive 2014/66/EU of 15/05/2014). In this case a work permit B is only provided for a period of up to 90 days, with exemptions only valid for short term mobility,
  • Certain apprentices.

The application for a work permit B as well as the single permit with indefinite term will be done in a later phase via the one-stop counter. For current applications you need to follow the valid procedures as described on the site of each region.

The application has to be done by an employer based in Belgium or his Belgian representative. This can be the employer, or a natural person having a main residency in Belgium acting in name and on account of the employer. In case the employer is based outside of Belgium, only this natural person is authorized to act.

Please note: in case you are a Belgian representative you need a mandate from the employer. Mandates can be created using the online service Mahis (in French).

After you have submitted your application using the one-stop counter your dossier is automatically transferred to the competent region.

To find out more about the conditions, procedures and all other required information to submit your application, please consult the website of each region in particular:

In case you are a Belgian employer, you will need to present the National Registration Number of the employee(s) you are applying a single permit for. If you need to look that up, or your employee does not possess a National Registration Number yet, please consult the online service belgianIDpro (in French).

Your employee doesn’t have a residence permit for Belgium yet? In that case the application can be submitted while the employee is still abroad. In certain cases, the application can also be submitted when your employee has been granted a residence for a maximum of 90 days in Belgium (as long as this does not breach any federal or regional regulation on which the application is applicable).

Does your employee already have a Belgian residence permit? In that case you need to submit your application before this residence permit expires.

The employee can only start working after he has received all required documents. This means both the application to work and the application to reside in Belgium have to be approved. All documents can be collected at the municipality office in the place of residence. For detailed information about the specific documents required, please consult the page about Single Permit on the website of the Belgian Immigration Office (in French) or consult the decision provided by the competent region.