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The FPS Strategy and Support is working on an update of the FAS (Federal Authentication Service) until 26/11/2021.

You may currently be experiencing problems logging in with an electronic identity card (eID). If so, please use another digital key, preferably itsme.

We apologize for this inconvenience.

As communicated in our previous newsletter, the increased use of teleworking due to the coronavirus will not be taken into account in determining the applicable social security legislation. This period will be neutralised with effect from 13 March 2020, for both employees and the self-employed.

The envisaged expiry date of this measure is 31 December 2021, but this date may be revised according to the corona measures.

Employers in the aforementioned sectors must now collect and keep track of certain data pertaining to salaried or self-employed workers who stay or live outside of Belgium.

Please make sure that your workers coming in from abroad have completed the Passenger Locator Form before starting their activities in Belgium.

Check the details about the sectors concerned and the data to be collected in our overview document.

Welcome to Working in Belgium

Are you a foreign employer, or their agent, wishing to post one or more workers to Belgium on a basis? Are you a foreign employer, or their agent, of workers working part-time in Belgium?

Are you a self-employed person established in another country, coming to provide services in Belgium on a temporary or part-time basis?

If so, you need to declare your presence as a self-employed person or that of your workers before they begin to work in Belgium.

Are you a Belgian or foreign employer wishing to employ a worker or post a worker to Belgium (from outside the EEA or Switzerland) for more than 90 days? In that case you also need to apply for a single permit.

Click below to access the online services you need to get this done:

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Single permit

Are you an employer wishing to post a non-European employee (from outside the EEA or Switzerland) to Belgium for more than 90 days? In that case you need to apply for a single permit from the competent region.

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Single permit


Before undertaking activities in Belgium as an employer, agent or self-employed person, you need to declare this work.

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Via your Limosa account

Limosa - Mandatory declaration


Check in workers in the construction and meat sectors.

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Check in workers

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