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From 12 October, you will need to notify of new details in Limosa:

  • the liaison officer, the approval number of
  • the foreign temporary employment agency,
  • the nature of the services and the payment of
  • an annual end-of-year bonus. 

L1 documents published before 12 October 2017, and whose duration period has not yet expired, remain valid.

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All functionalities of the ‘Limosa – Mandatory declaration’ online service are now accessible via a single button. Declaration management (checking, cancelling or extending) has been revised and is now more user-friendly. Click the ‘Limosa – Mandatory declaration’ button to discover the changes.

Welcome to Working in Belgium

Are you a foreign employer, or their agent, wishing to post one or more workers to Belgium on a temporary basis? Are you a foreign employer, or their agent, of workers working part-time in Belgium?

Are you a self-employed person established in another country, coming to provide services in Belgium on a temporary or part-time basis?

If so, you need to declare your presence as a self-employed person or that of your workers before they begin to work in Belgium.

Click below to access the online services you need to get this done:

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Before undertaking activities in Belgium as an employer, agent or self-employed person, you need to declare this work.

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Limosa - Mandatory declaration


Check in workers in the construction and meat sectors.

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