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Diplomatic mission with staff engaged locally in Belgium

Do you employ workers in Belgium within your organisation, for example:

  • private servants working in the personal service of diplomatic agents,
  • service staff employed within your organisation,
  • technical and administrative staff,
  • civil servants and diplomats.

Social security applicable to their situation

Belgian social security or the one of another country may apply, depending on the different regulations which determine the national social security system applicable in an international context.

Do you, as an employer, experience difficulties to comprehend the social security rules applicable to your employees? The Good Offices Commission can help you.

What is the Good Offices Commission?

The Good Offices Commission (GOC) informs you about your rights and obligations under Belgian labour and social security law or tax law.

The GOC also helps to resolve any individual or collective problems encountered by your staff by informing, conciliating and providing advice, in pursue of an amicable arrangements.

The GOC acts as conciliator, mediator and advisor in order to find amicable settlements.

In practice

On the web page of the Good Offices Commission, you can find:

  • all information related to social and tax obligations under Belgian law,
  • social document templates,
  • a presentation of the composition of the Commission, its missions and services,
  • areas in which the Commission can be of use to you,
  • the contact details of the Commission.